9 Costumes Anyone Can Make

Chicken to Go

To hatch this look, break out a feather boa and some craft foam.


What you need: Infant carrier, white bodysuit, white pilot cap, white tights, Rit fabric dye (yellow), yellow feather boa, pencil, scissors, one 12 x 18 inch sheet of white craft foam, two 9 x 12 inch sheets of craft foam (one white and one orange), glue gun, tape

To make body: Follow package instructions to dye bodysuit, tights, and pilot cap yellow.

To make hat: To make hat: Cut out a 9 inch circle from the smaller sheet of white craft foam. To create the look of a cracked shell, trim the circle in a zigzag pattern. From edge of circle, make a 3 1/2-inch-long cut toward the center. To create cone shape, overlap the edges and glue to secure. Glue a piece of yellow boa to the inside edge of shell; glue to top of pilot cap.

To make eggshell: Enlarge pattern as needed and cut out. Create a paper pattern of the front of your baby carrier. Measure our pattern against the carrier pattern and make adjustments as needed. Trace finished template onto larger sheet of white craft foam and cut out. Trim the top of foam eggshell in a zigzag pattern. Attach to carrier using the pattern's tab guides. Secure with tape if needed.

To make slippers: To make slippers: Enlarge patterns as needed and cut out. Trace each pattern twice on orange craft foam and cut out. Following our guide, fold pattern #1 and glue pattern #2 on top. Flip over. You will now have a foam slipper. To create an ankle strap, cut a strip of orange craft foam, sized to fit your baby's foot. Glue strap to sides of slipper. To finish, glue a small piece of feather boa to each slipper.

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