Creative Halloween Costumes

If you're looking for a costume that's more imaginative than the traditional skeleton or witch, then let your artistic side show with a creative costume! We have a selection of creative costumes for babies, children and adults.

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Yellow Crayola Crayon Costume

Your little one will toddle through the neighborhood full of bright colorful cuteness this Halloween! Let her creative juices flow with the Crayola Crayon costume.

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Woopie Cushion Costume

May include sound effects...A funny costume for a funny baby! Made with poly-fleece, baby will also be snuggly soft! But don't squeeze too hard...

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Where's Waldo Costume

Do you see him? He's hard to find! Hide away in the cluttered pages of Waldo's favorite adventures in this classic costume kit!

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Twister Costume

Add a humorous twist to Halloween! Take this game-inspired dress for a spin, but watch out--people won't be able to keep their hands off you.

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Strong Man Costume

Step right up!! Watch your little guy transform into the strongest man on earth this Halloween! This is a great costume that is sure to get a few laughs!

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Pizza Costume

One slice, please, add extra baby! Your baby will look good enough to eat in this soft, fuzzy slice of pizza!

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Egyptian Queen Nefertiti Costume

Shine like the Sun god, Aten. Become the dazzling darling of ancient Egypt in this gilded gown. You're sure to make history at your next costumed event.

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Mr. Potato Head Costume

The ever-changing spud stud! This entertaining, interchangeable ensemble includes: A foam potato overlay with attached ears, detachable male eyes, nose, moustache, mouth, female hat, eyes, nose and lips.

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Mario Costume

A Classic Video Game Character! Show off your love for classic Super Nintendo with this authentic costume!

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The Simpsons - Marge Costume

A sassy Springfield soccer mom. This hilarious homemaking hottie's costume is instantly recognizable!

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Mad Hatter Costume

Follow the white rabbit, and hurry! He's late for an important date! Tea time is all the time in this crazy-cute creation.

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Lil' Monster Costume

The perfect suit for beloved lil' monsters! Help your little ones unleash their inner monsters with this colorful costume.

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Gumby Costume

Willing to be "flexible" this Halloween? Take a little trip down memory lane in this nostalgic Gumby costume.

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Doggy Bag Costume

Take home whatever is left over in an adorably hilarious ensemble this Halloween! Everyone will want to take you home in this doggy-bag-inspired costume!

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Pirates of the Caribbean--Davy Jones Costume

"What is your purpose here?" If your plan is to give your little pirate a hauntingly good Halloween, then this Davy Jones costume is perfect!

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Bullseye! Dartboard Costume

Can't it all just be fun and games? It can when you're wearing this great disguise! If you're looking for an eye-catching costume that'll get any party going, you've hit the bullseye!

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Checker Board Costume

Great for any event from family game night to Halloween! You can actually play a miniature game of checkers on this costume!

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Banana Costume

A whole "bunch" of fun! Your child will go bananas for this silly costume!

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