5 Homemade Halloween Costumes


Start with a red or orange hooded sweatshirt and matching tights or pants.

What You Need:

  • About 1 square yard of orange felt
  • Fabri-Tac glue by Beacon
  • 1 yard of each: yellow satin, multicolored metallic fabric, gold metallic fabric
  • Roll or sheets of laminate, enough to cover 3 yards
  • Small sheets of black and white felt


1. Download the Goldfish pattern. (This requires free Adobe Acrobat software.)

2. For the fins on baby's arms, cut the shape of four equally sized fish fins from orange felt. (It's roughly a teardrop shape.) Glue one piece to another, so you have two double-thick fins. Glue those to the back of each shoulder of the sweatshirt.

3. Cut a fish-tail shape out of orange felt to cover the back of the sweatshirt and to end at baby's feet.

4. Apply laminate to back of the satin and metallic fabrics to stiffen them.

5. Cut scalloped edges into three rows of yellow satin, five rows of multicolored metallic, and three rows of gold metallic fabric. Glue these rows to the back of the fish tail. Trim any excess.

6. Glue the scale-covered fish tail to the back of sweatshirt.

7. Cut extra scallop shapes and glue them to the front of the shirt.

8. For the eyes, cut two 2-inch circles of white felt and two 1-inch circles of black felt. Glue them together. Glue one onto each side of the hood.

Originally published in American Baby magazine, October 2004.

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