Best Store-Bought Halloween Costumes for Babies and Toddlers

Make life easy by decking your babe out for Halloween in one of these cute and inexpensive getups.

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Little Lion

This lion costume is an adorable pick for a baby that loves animals. Your child will be irresistibly cute in the lined jumpsuit topped off with a full lion's mane.

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Let your little girl dress up as dessert this Halloween. This cupcake costume features an adorable cupcake headpiece and cupcake fairy wand.

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Princess Jasmine

Your little girl can dress as the beautiful Princess Jasmine from Aladdin. The costume features Jasmine's glittery lavender pantsuit and purple jeweled headpiece.

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Bumble Bee Costume

A classic Bumble Bee outfit can easily be worn again another Halloween. This costume is super simple to put on as the black leotard comes with wings and yellow tutu attached.

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Little Champion

Get the perfect costume for a little boxer. The satin hooded warm-up robe, shorts, boxing gloves, boot covers, and title belt make a complete look for a knockout champ.

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Lightening McQueen

A red jumpsuit and yellow Cars Lightening McQueen screen-printed top, red cap, and plastic headset will get your child ready to join the Pit Crew.

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Baby Cow

Suit your milk lover up in this sweet cow costume. Plus, the costume is a soft onesie, making it just as comfortable as pajamas!

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Flower Costume

For a simple and sweet costume, choose a delicate star gazer lily costume. Your child will love this ballerina type ensemble that is incredibly unique!

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Dragon Costume

This fuzzy green costume will have your kid roaring. Mitten "claws" complete the look (and are good for cold nights).

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Baby Flamingo

Baby will be in the pink with this clever flamingo costume. This costume is best for babes who aren't yet walking.

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Dalmatian Puppy

This Dalmatian puppy has all the details: perfectly spaced spots and big floppy ears. Plus the costume comes with fuzzy Dalmatian booties to keep your child's feet warm while trick- or-treating!

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Gingerbread Baby

Christmas comes early with this delicious getup. Baby doesn't like his hands covered? Fold-back openings leave his hands free.

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Even with sharp teeth and pointed scales, this puffy alligator is friendly and fun. The costume is a full body suit your child can pull over his clothes to be ready to trick-or-treat in a flash.

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Tulip Pixie

Tulip? Fairy? It doesn't really matter exactly what this costume is because either way, we love it. Layer with tights and a bodysuit if you'll be outdoors.

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Baby Skunk

Laugh at all of those stinky diapers with this skunk costume, best for babies who aren't walking yet.

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Frog Prince

Hop to it with this fairy tale-inspired frog prince costume, which works for non-walkers.

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Frog Costume

This costume manages to make frogs seem cuddly. Best for pre-walkers since the webbed feet could be slippery.

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Monkey Costume

Your little monkey can dress the part this Halloween. The unusual woven fabric gives this a cute sock-monkey feel, and is best for babes who don't walk yet.

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