Father's Day Gifts Kids Can Make

Nothing says Happy Father's Day like a homemade gift from the heart! Help your child surprise Dad with one of these super special crafts this year. Get all of these templates at parents.com/fun/printables/familyfun-printables/

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Sabrina Helas

Leather Bracelet

Leather cording toughens up this simple accessory. Try braiding one in the colors of Dad’s favorite team!

Craft by Joel Henriques of Made by Joel.

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Sabrina Helas

Rockin' Card

Dad can regale the kids with tales of his epic disc collection. 

Craft by Joel Henriques of Made by Joel.

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Sabrina Helas

Do (Or Not!) Disturb Door Hanger

Does Daddy want to nap— or is he ready to play, play, play? No more confusion!

Craft by Joel Henriques of Made by Joel.

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Sabrina Helas

Little-Helper Gift Vouchers

Print these certificates for your kids to color in. He’ll be happy to have some no-fuss help around the house!

Craft by Joel Henriques of Made by Joel.

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Sabrina Helas

Family Tree

This desk topper is a quirky way to display family pics—and half the fun is taking the photographs!

Craft by Joel Henriques of Made by Joel.

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Heather Weston

Sign of Affection

Skip the traditional greeting card. Show dad some love with a special sign made from painted pieces of pasta.

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Heather Weston

Desk Organizer for Dad

Help Dad sort office supplies in style with this neat desk organizer.

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Phillip Graybill

Kid-Crafted Crown

Make Dad feel like a king for the day by crafting him a custom crown out of cardstock and chipboard letters.

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Lucy Schaeffer

Clay Catchall

Decorate Dad's dresser with a clay dish that doubles as a catchall for his coins.

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Scott Little

Garden Markers

Kids can make garden steaks from craft foam and Popsicle sticks to give green thumbed dads.

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Lucy Schaeffer

Personalized Paperweight

Rock, fabric, scissors and -- craft! Turn a stone from the yard into a personalized paperweight for Dad using fabric scraps and glue.

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How to Make Sock Puppets

Stuff stray socks with cotton batting to turn them into a family of playful puppets.

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Jay Wilde

Fish Windsock

Make a colorful fish windsock that Dad can hang from the porch to remind him of his last fishing trip.

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Gregory Boyd

Candy Bar Craft

Dad will love a gift that's (almost) as sweet as his little girl. Package an oversized chocolate candy bar in craft paper and decorate with craft embellishments and markers.

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Gregory Boyd

Pom-Pom Pals

Give Dad a furry friend to keep him company while he's at work.

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Alexandra Grablewski

Shiny Snake Craft

Raid Dad's closet, then surprise him with a super shiny snake made from one of his tired neckties.

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Jay Wilde

Pinecone Owls

Dad will think these owls are a hoot! Kids can add fun features to pinecones to make Daddy & Me desk d?cor.

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Cookie Coupons for Dad

Use edible markers to turn classic sandwich cookies into coupons for free hugs and kisses.

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