Father's Day Crafts: Homeade Gift

To Make the Project

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1. Have your child measure, mark, and cut a piece of the leather that will accommodate Dad's phone or organizer. The length of the cutout should be twice the length of the gadget and twice its thickness; add another 1 1/2" for the flap. The width should be equal to the width of the device plus its thickness with an extra 1" for give. Cut out the rectangle.

2. From the bottom of one short side, measure a distance equal to the length of the phone plus 1/4", and mark a point near one side of the cut leather strip. Repeat on the other side. Align a ruler with these two points across the leather, and encourage your child to draw a horizontal line across the strip -- this will mark the fold line.

3. Starting 1/4" from the fold line on the shorter section of the strip and 1/4" in from one long side, measure and mark dots at 1/2" intervals so that the last dot is between 1/2" and 1/4" from the short end. Measure and mark an equal number of dots along the longer section on the other side of the fold line, again starting 1/4" from the fold line and 1/4" in from the long side -- this way, the dots will match up when you fold the leather. Repeat on the other side.

4. To make the thin leather band that holds the flap, cut a strip of leather that's 3/4" wide by the width of your holder. Ask your child to measure and mark two dots 1/8" in from both long ends on both sides and 1/4" in from both short ends so you'll have a way to anchor it. Use a sturdy paper punch or a leather punch to create 2 mm holes at all the marks you've made.

5. Cut a piece of six-ply embroidery thread to a length that's equal to three times the long side of the cover. Thread one end through a large, round-tipped needle and knot the other end with a triple or quadruple knot. Fold the large piece of leather along the fold line and align the holes. Starting at the fold, have your child thread the needle through the lowermost holes on one side and stitch to the next-to-last hole. Place the leather band over the top two holes, and make the last stitches through both pieces of leather. Continue the stitch back to the bottom. Tie another triple knot and trim the excess thread. Repeat on the other side. Snip the sides of the flap to taper them.

6. Ask your child to write a note to Dad on a strip of ribbon equal to the width of the leather case. Fold under the ends about 1/4", and iron flat. Use fabric glue to attach it to the inside flap.

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