Hats Off to Eggs! 17 Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs

Simple ways to turn dyed, hard-boiled, and plastic eggs into something extra special.

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Ed Judice

Dyed-Egg Toppers

It's easy to transform eggs into this stylish cast of characters.

Start by drawing faces with permanent markers. Then follow the directions for each hat by downloading the template below.

Tip: To display our eggs, we set them on plastic rings from the sewing section of craft stores, but 2-liter bottle caps also work well.

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Ed Judice

Harry Poacher

Fold a triangle of felt into a cone and secure the edges with double-sided tape.* (For its holding power, we like double-sided scrapbooking tape, such as Terrifically Tacky Tape.) Draw a lightning bolt with silver-glitter dimensional fabric paint.

*For this holding power, we like double-sided scrapbooking tape, such as Terrifically Tacky Tape.

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How to Make Rubber Cement Easter Eggs

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Ed Judice

Mrs. E.G.G. White

Place a cupcake liner over the top of a cardboard tube and hold it in place with a rubber band as shown. Wrap a 6- by 1/4-inch piece of card stock around the top edge of the liner and use a glue dot to secure the ends. Fold up the fluted rim, then slip the rubber band and hat off the tube. Use glue dots to adhere the hat to a card stock brim as shown and to attach artificial flowers and a ribbon.

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Ed Judice

Hilda the Hard-Boiled

From a cardboard egg carton, cut a cup that's about 1 inch deep. Make an 8-inch-long braid with embroidery floss or yarn and adhere it inside the cup with a glue dot. Attach card stock horns to the outside of the carton with glue dots.

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Ed Judice

Chef Egg-ar-dee

Use a glue dot to join the ends of a 5 3/4- by 3/4-inch strip of card stock. Use clear tape to attach a 5 1/2-inch-wide circle of tissue inside the brim. If you like, fold and wrap a piece of paper towel around the egg's base.

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Surprise Easter Basket

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Ed Judice

Egg Nog-in-Hood

Cut two triangular hat pieces from felt and use double-sided tape to adhere two of their edges. Fold up the brim and use more tape to secure it and to attach a feather.

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Ed Judice

Doc Hollandaise

From a cardboard egg carton, cut a cup that's about 3/4 inch deep. Cut a piece of a cardboard tube for a brim, as shown. Use glue dots to attach the brim to the carton and to add a felt hatband. If you like, wrap a piece of bandanna around the egg's base.

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Ed Judice

Yolky Berra

From a cardboard egg carton, cut a cup that's about 3/4 inch deep. Cut a brim from stiff felt and a team emblem from felt, then attach them to the carton with glue dots.

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Ed Judice

Lady MacBeggth

Cut a crown from felt and join the ends with double-sided tape. Attach self-adhesive plastic jewels.

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Ed Judice

Egg-Leg the Pirate

Cut two pirate hat shapes from card stock and use glue dots to join the sides. Decorate the hat with a white gel marker.

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Ed Judice

Bunny Egg and Ears

Bunny Egg From felt, cut a headband with protruding rabbit ears, plus two inner-ear shapes. Use double-sided tape to attach the pieces and to join the ends of the headband. Bend one ear forward if you like.

Easter Bunny Ears From a ?-yard piece of felt, cut two identical rabbit ear headbands that fit your child's head with a little overlap. Cut two inner-ear shapes from another piece of felt. Twist two pieces of thin craft wire into loops and place them on one headband, as shown. Add double-sided tape, then place the other headband on top. Use more tape to attach the inner-ear shapes and to join the ends of the headband.

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How to Make Fuzzy Bunny Easter Eggs

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Ed Judice

Hard-boiled Bunnies and Chicks

After dyeing and decorating your Easter eggs, turn them into sweet-faced critters. Just peel off the shells to begin.

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Ed Judice

Pretty-in-Pink Rabbit

Two days before you plan to serve the eggs, open a jar of pickled beets and replace the beets with peeled hard-boiled eggs. Completely submerge the eggs and return the jar to the refrigerator. After two days, drain the eggs and pat dry. Cut and assemble the eggs as shown. Add a carrot triangle nose, chive whiskers, and black sesame seed eyes.

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Pretty-in-Pink Rabbit

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Ed Judice

Roly-poly Rooster

Cut a slice from the bottom of an egg so that it sits flat. Place the egg on feet cut from a red pepper, insert a red pepper cockscomb, and stick on a carrot triangle beak and black sesame seed eyes.

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Ed Judice

Hoppy Hare

Cut a slice from the side of an egg so that it sits flat. Insert two flat carrot slice ears and chive whiskers. Stick on a carrot triangle nose and black sesame seed eyes.

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Ed Judice

Little Peeps

Slice an egg in half widthwise. Give each half a carrot triangle nose, black sesame seed eyes, and chive feather tufts.

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Ed Judice

Plastic-Egg Decorations

Turn plain old plastic eggs into something special with a few simple craft supplies and a bit of imagination.

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Ed Judice

Basket of Berries

Use black permanent marker to draw seeds on plastic eggs. For each, cut a berry top from felt, snip a small hole in its center, poke a piece of pipe cleaner through the hole, and attach the two to the top of the egg with glue dots.

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How to Make Chick Easter Eggs

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Ed Judice

Cheery Chicks

Cut eggshell pieces from a cardboard egg carton. Use glue dots to adhere googly eyes and a cardstock beak to a plastic egg. If you like, set your chicks in a shredded paper nest.

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Ed Judice

Mix-and-Match Eggs

Use glue dots to attach faces and accessories to your eggs. Here's some inspiration.

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Gretchen Easton

Silly Monsters

Show the children how to use markers to draw different mouths onto the label stickers or hole-punch reinforcements, then adhere them to the eggs. Stick on googly eyes. Cut and bend the pipe cleaners into arms, legs, hair—whatever!— then attach with glue dots. 

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Gretchen Easton

Sparkling Geodes

Fill small paper plates or bowls with glitter and sequins, and pour an inch or so of tacky glue into a paper cup. Have the kids brush the glue onto the eggs, then roll them in the glitter or sequins, shaking off the excess. Place the geode in the egg carton to dry. Tip: Leave a few eggs partially dyed and then cover just the colored part with glitter for a cool effect.

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Gretchen Easton

Baby Fruits & Veggies

Strawberries! Lemons! Limes! Carrots! Show kids how to fold the pre-cut construction-paper leaves and stems so they can “grow” their favorite foods. Attach ’em with glue dots. 

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Gretchen Easton 

Sweet Sea Creatures

Kids can create their own turtles, crabs, and octopuses— not to mention any type of fish!—with pre-cut felt features, glue dots, paint, and pipe cleaners. 

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