Easter Basket Crafts

Eggcellent Idea

What you need:
· Corrugated paper
· Pencil
· Scissors
· Self-adhesive craft foam
· Hole punch
· Bone folder (a scrapbooking tool used for scoring and creasing paper)
· Thin ribbon
· Printable templates/diagrams*

To make: Use a photocopier to enlarge template* to desired size of basket. Trace template onto corrugated paper, and cut out. Lay template over corrugated cutout, and punch holes where indicated. Using bone folder, crease cutout where indicated on template. Fold sides up, and lace ribbon through holes. Tie a bow at each corner to secure. For handle, cut strips of corrugated paper (double them to make sturdier) and glue to inside edges of box. To finish, cut four egg shapes from self-adhesive craft foam, embellish each with additional foam decorations, and press to sides of box.

* You'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print the template. If you don't have this program, click below for a free download.


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