The 6 Myths of Christmas

Myth #2: Adult Talks

Myth #2: At least you'll finally get to enjoy some adult conversation.

If you were pregnant last Christmas, you were probably the belle of the ball. Upcoming babies are always the most exciting thing to talk about. Now that baby's here, she's the main attraction and you're...taking care of her.

My sister-in-law Mary K., who's a mother of four, remembers with crystal clarity her first Christmas with her first child. She sat in the rocking chair in the bedroom, nursing. The rest of the family sat in the living room telling stories. "I couldn't even hear what they were saying, I'd just hear loud 'ha ha has!' every couple minutes," she remembers. "I got so frustrated, I started kicking the wall. Not that anyone heard me or came to check on me. It was very lonely."

Are you doomed to miss out on everything this year? Of course not. Even if no one offers to help, there is one very important person who is obligated to give you a break: Dad. He just may not know this yet, which is why you need to see Myth #4.

Parents Are Talking

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