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My children and I got to the fire station to see my husband. The wives each bring something to eat and we try to make it as home-like as possible. They love the time with him and it helps him get through the day without missing out. -Santa Garcia Asbury

Our baby will only be 4-1/2 months at Christmas but she has already had her experience with Christmas decorations and loved it! We can't wait to buy our own tree and decorate it so she can look at it! She will also get her first Christmas ornament this year with her name engraved on it. -Heather Farris

We are going to make a gingerbread house together, our son is 20 months, and we thought it would be fun! I also love opening the Advent calendar everyday leading up to Christmas. -Patti Chick Carte

Every year for Christmas I make 20-some different kinds of cookies to keep my Mother's tradition going. After they are all baked, I make up about 30 cookie plates and deliver them to family and friends on Christmas Eve. I have been doing it... ever since my Mother stopped. We have custody of our granddaughter, Carlee, who we've raised and is now 4 yrs old and has lived with us for almost 4 yrs. This year I am so looking forward to making the Christmas cookies with Carlee now that she is old enough to help. I am hoping my daughters, or Carlee, keep the tradition alive by taking over and making the cookies for family and friends when I no longer do them. Maybe they will and will bring me a big plate :) I am also looking forward to decorating our tree with Carlee while we watch our favorite Christmas movie, A Christmas Story, as we did last year. Another tradition I am looking forward to is piling in the car to go for a long drive and look at Christmas lights. Carlee is already asking about doing that. - Billie Painter Crawford

Cooking a big breakfast on Christmas morning then watch Home Alone then head off to THE movies & after that, dinner w/ the family! I love Christmas!! -Montia January

I look forward to baking with my baby girl, it's something my sisters and I did with our mom and some of my finest childhood memories are about our Christmas Eve baking extravaganza, there was sooooooooo much love in that room, my eyes well up thinking about it. -Lee Ann Coa Goden

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