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We cook homemade doughnuts for Christmas breakfast. Each family member has a job in the process. -Morgan Williams

We do a couple. The most important is on Christmas morning my son will get one big from Santa and one big gift from his grandpa who passed away before he was born... so we can incorporate him into our son's life. We also do a traditional 7 fish of Christmas on Christmas Eve to represent the 7 sacraments and of course we have dad at night make reindeer tracks in the snow and he rings bells so our son can see Santa was here... too cute. -Megan Root

This will be my lil girl's 1st Christmas she'll be 11 months old. We can't wait to decorate the tree & the houses of both our parents' places (if we have enough money). Drive around at night looking at all the other decorated house. Baking cookies. Maybe go up to the mountains to play in the snow. & drive to each of our family members' houses to visit... there's nothing better than going to see family. -Caroline Hull

Even though we are Muslims, we love celebrating Christmas. Growing up in Senegal, my dad always had the best tree around and I loved getting toys. Well for our own family, we usually all camp in our Christmas pjs in the living room (gotta catch Santa, lol!) We watch and sing the Polar Express until we all fall asleep. Then when we wake up, I am as excited as the kids to see the toys my husband puts up in the middle of the night. This year though we are taking them to see the PE in 4D. -Bella N'daw

Driving around and seeing all the Christmas LIGHTS! We buy a new ornament every year for our tree, make Christmas cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve and attend the candle light communion at our church on Christmas Eve. There's so many traditions that we do, there's too many to mention. I just LOVE being with my family and watching my little girls faces light up when they talk about Christmas. -Treva Buchanan

Watching all the GOOD Christmas cartoons (Garfield, Charlie Brown, A Year Without a Santa Claus, Mickey's Christmas Carol..) baking cookies, making dough ornaments... can't wait! -Melinda Dunphy

On Thanksgiving night, we put out our little elf, which my 4 year old named Robert Johnson. He moves to a different location every night until Christmas Eve, in which he goes back to the North Pole with Santa! He is here to watch my 2 kiddos, ages 4 and 18 months and he reports back to Santa every night if they are being naughty or nice. My 4 year old loves it because he gets to find him every morning. We also have a book that came with the elf that is fun to read! -Kelly Hunter- Ryan

I made a personalized plate & cup when I was in kindergarten. Every yr, I leave milk & cookies for "Santa" on them. Still to this day (me & my momma just eat the cookies rite out now lol). But I look fwd to having my 13m/o leave milk & cookies on his own plate & cup this year. -Vanessa Wilson

Every year, for as long as I can remember Santa has come to our Christmas Eve party at my Grandma's. Each kid takes a turn sitting in his lap & getting a gift. I'm so excited for my little girl to get to do this again this year. At 2 1/2 she has more of a grasp on what's going on. We also each drink a glass of OJ Christmas morning while we read the Christmas story in Luke. It's a great reminder of the Reason for the season before the chaos of gifts & family visits ensues. -Chirelle Bean Jones

I want to start a tradition for Christmas where we all get plain stockings and we each decorate one with glitter glue and crafty stick-ons. Afterwards, we can label what year they were made and save the stockings. Later, we can see how out taste and creativity has changed throughout the years. -Lora Mcfadden

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