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Having Jazz help set up the Christmas tree, bake cookies, open up her pj's on Christmas Eve to wear to bed, waking up early on Christmas morning, and for my lunch going to my great aunt's for Lunch. :) My baby's First Christmas. -Cheri Nicole Davis

Decorating the Christmas tree, baking cookies, making stockings, visiting family, and sharing this tradition as a whole family for the first time with my 2 little boys. This will be their first year finally having a father figure in their life. : ) -Renee Frye

We adopt a family for Christmas and we all go shopping for them. The kids have more fun picking out toys for them than for themselves. Love turning the holidays into give instead of get. -Heather Meacham Fehrenbach

Growing up I went to a tree farm every year to cut down our Christmas tree (I lived in WA State). Since I have had kids we have lived in hot states where trees have to be shipped in and you buy them at Home Depot or Lowes. My husband is in the military and we have moved yet again to another hot state which would be FL. Well, I was very excited to find that they have tree farms where I live. This year my kids will get to do my childhood tradition of going and picking out the tree there. Can't wait! -Lisa Sousie Autrey

There are so many traditions we love, but the one I'm looking forward to sharing the most is decorating the house, on Dec 1st we will put in Christmas music and decorate the whole house, it takes around 8 hours but it's worth it and the kids love deciding where the ornaments go! -Noelle Devon

Although our son, John, will not turn a year old until five days after Christmas, we bought T'was the Night Before Christmas to read on Christmas Eve -- which we will continue to do every year. We are also setting up a train that belonged to my husband when he was a child. -Samantha Randolph

We have a great light display nearby, it's called Overly's Country Christmas. It has a walk through village and train display, all kinds of great holiday treats, sleigh rides, a huge bonfire, a great little gift shop and of course SANTA! We go every year and have gone since I was a little girl. -Sarah Berger

Every Christmas I wrap up pj's and a movie for my daughter and place them outside. When I bring her home I say "wow look at that" when she opens it I have told her "Santa must have wanted you to wear these and look he gave us a movie to watch tonight." It gets her so excited for Christmas morning! -Alicia Carroll

Decorating! My almost 2 year old daughter likes to help take all of my decorations out of the box and puts them where she thinks they should be. Of course I have to search through the house afterwards because she likes to put some of the deco in her toy box, under her bed and some other strange places. It's like Easter for me but I'm not looking for eggs. Too funny! -Erin Olsen Scott

We go to a tree farm a week or two after Thanksgiving and cut down our own tree, then bring it home and decorate it. I think our 4 year old might be able to "help" daddy cut the tree down this year! -Jamie Arnold Myers

Taking my 3 year old twins to go on the "polar express" this Christmas eve and to see their faces light up when Santa gets on the train and gives them their present will be amazing! -Ashley Stanescu

So many traditions!!! LOVE CHRISTMAS but my favs to share with my daughter are going to the tree farm, decorating and then reading the Grinch! Christmas EVE we have our traditional fondue dinner, open 1 present (not from "Santa" but from mommy & daddy) and then go to church! -Rebecca Allen

My family always has a wrapping paper fight after we are finished opening presents. It is like a snowball fight only with used wrapping paper in the house. We always have so much fun with it. It takes a while to clean up but it is worth it. -Jessica Kluck

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