Great Holiday Photos

Get the Picture

You'll be taking plenty of photos yourself at this time of year. Here are tips from experts at

  1. For an infant, have someone hold him or her upright, then get close and snap.
  2. Give your baby a safe ornament or present to explore. Take a picture while she touches it, smells it, or tries to eat it.
  3. Try an action shot, such as one of baby rolling over or taking wobbly steps.
  4. Go outside for some family photos. You can get wonderful ones in front of evergreen bushes or trees.
  5. Here's a cute way to get everyone in the picture: Arrange yourselves so that your faces are stacked close together, then have someone take a close-up.
  6. Is there something you can say or sing that makes baby smile? (The Bob the Builder theme song, for instance?) Do it right before the camera clicks.
  7. To get one great picture, expect to snap a dozen or more shots. Load up on film and keep clicking!

Originally published in American Baby magazine, December 2003.

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