Start new Christmas traditions and keep long-lasting family rituals fresh and fun. We help you focus on what you value most for a spirit-filled Christmas.

14 Fun Family Traditions to Start Today

Start a family holiday tradition today for memories that will last a lifetime.

10 Best Holiday Movies of All Time

Parents teamed up with movie-review site Rotten Tomatoes to find out which Christmas flicks are on the nice list.

Answers to Kids' Toughest Questions About Santa

Kids are an inquisitive bunch and Santa is particularly perplexing. Here's how to answer the tough questions.

How to Make Polar Bear Ornaments

Add some wildlife fun to your holiday tree with these fuzzy polar bear baubles. Bonus: they're made with easy-to-find supplies you may already have on hand.

18 New & Classic Holiday Traditions

Bask in the joys of Christmas with these classics and spin-offs that are sure to keep your holiday merry, busy, and bright.

Which Christmas Carol Fits Your Family?

Before you go a-caroling, find out which Christmas song should be your family's theme song this holiday. Will it be Silent Night, 12 Days of Christmas, Joy to the World, or We Wish You a Merry Christmas?

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22 Ideas for Baby's First Holiday

The holidays don't really feel like the holidays until you've welcomed a new baby to the family.

Great Holiday Photos

Whether you're taking pictures at home or in a studio, here are tips on how to get your kids dressed -- and keep them looking spotless -- for great holiday photos.

How to Make Ice-Pop Stick Sled Ornaments

These tiny toboggans will add sparkle to any tree, whether it be yours or a loved one's!

Holiday Craft: Handprint Tree

Directions for making a miniature Christmas tree from paper.

Home for the Holidays: Easy Ideas for Celebrating with Family and Friends

Everything you do to celebrate the holidays makes your home special for family and guests. But if preparing for seasonal celebrations sounds like another burden on top of managing your family's day-to-day needs, take heart--it needn't be stressful. Try these easy ideas for keeping the holiday joyous and your home welcoming.

Get a Great Holiday Photo

Whether you're taking pictures at home or in a studio, we have the recipe for capturing good photos of your kids during the holidays. If you follow these tips on how to dress your kids and how to keep them happy, we promise you'll have memories to last a lifetime.

QUIZ: What's Your Elf on the Shelf Style?

Are you a merry mama or a petulant parent when it comes to your Elf on the Shelf? Take our fun quiz to find out.

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Holiday Celebrations from Around the World

Kids love any reason to have a party, so why not celebrate some of the world's major holidays this year? You'll teach your child about different cultures and maybe pick up a few new family traditions.

How to Make Clothespin Skier Ornaments

Wooden clothespins and ice-pop sticks transform into stylish ski bunnies. Add these cross-country cuties to your Christmas tree!

8 Great Holiday Stories for the Family

A few great stories -- think Charles Dickens's A Christmas Carol or Clement C. Moore's The Night Before Christmas -- transformed the way we celebrate the season. And a great book is still the ultimate gift that keeps on giving. Read on for our picks for the best holiday books to read together, and try some of our activities to boost seasonal reading fun.

One Dough, Six Christmas Cookies

Slice and bake, roll and cut, or just drop and decorate. Our versatile basic recipe is the foundation for six holiday treats that are anything but cookie-cutter.

17 Cute and Creative Elf on the Shelf Photos

We asked our Facebook fans to submit their best Elf on the Shelf photos, and they did not disappoint! Get some inspiration for your Elf on the Shelf shenanigans this year by browsing these creative and funny submissions from parents.

Christmas Traditions to Make the Season Special

Amid all the hustle and bustle of the holidays, how can we slow down and make this time meaningful? Our readers share their best strategies for creating unforgettable moments, from simple time-savers to heartwarming Christmas traditions they look forward to all year long.

Raising Spiritual Kids

Children of all ages need a sense of purpose and meaning in their lives. Here, six religious leaders offer their advice.

Special Holiday Traditions, Shared!

We asked, you answered. Check out the holiday traditions Parents Magazine Facebook fans are looking most forward to sharing with their little ones this year.

Christmas Before and After Kids: What It's Really Like

Everything changes once you have kids, including the way you celebrate the holidays. Gift wrapping and decorating will never be the same once you have a little elf!

Holiday Cards and Tags You Can Make

Add a personal touch to your holiday cards and tags this year by crafting them at home. These projects are so easy to make, even the kids can get in on the fun.

Timeless Traditions

More than just a season for gift giving and good cheer, the holidays offer the opportunity to spend more time with loved ones. Here, ten ideas to bring your family closer.

Simple Ways to Add Meaning to the Holiday Season

All the baking, buying, and burning the midnight oil can make the holiday season feel frenzied. To make this season more meaningful--not to mention serene--slow down and refocus on what makes this time of year so special: family, service, and spirituality.