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Decorating Isn't What It Used to Be

Holiday Madness

Bill Brown

If you're hosting the holidays, it's natural to want to decorate. But put down that Pottery Barn catalog. Heavy candleholders and a baby who can grasp are not a good mix. (Pottery Barn Kids is another story. Felt ornaments -- brilliant!)

Your grandmother's hand-blown glass ornaments? Don't unwrap them. Fresh evergreens? Toddler salad. This doesn't mean you'll never again have an elegant Christmas, but when your baby becomes mobile, her curiosity trumps your artistic vision. Follow her lead on this one, and see the wonder in having a giant inflatable snow globe on the front lawn and a house plastered with lights.

The usual babyproofing rules apply: avoid objects, like vintage decorations, that might have lead paint; choking hazards, like hard candy; electrical hazards, like dangling extension cords; and all the other things, like candles, that you already took out of your life to safeguard your little one. Buy some bungee cords so you can strap your tree to the wall. Now that's elegant!

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