Time to Shop!

We found the 32 greatest gifts for everyone on your list, and we're sharing our secrets with you.

  • Ted Morrison

    This Clock Rocks

    A mod take on the classic cuckoo is a funky addition to any room. Chic Chalet Clock, $40; popdeluxe.net.

  • Ted Morrison

    For the Design Fanatic

    1. Well Served Graphic square veggie plates are perfect for appetizers. Set of six, $40; uncommongoods.com. 2. Eco Jewels These lovely square charms are made from Scrabble tiles. They come in charming little metal boxes, and no two necklaces are alike. $15; littleputbooks.etsy.com. 3. Watch Out These graphic watches are so gorgeous they're like portable works of art. French Collection, $48; stampsusa.net. 4. Trendy Travel Organize family passports by getting each person a leather cover in a different color. From Baekgaard, $20; verabradley.com. 5. Petal Power Flower headphones will wow any little girl (or cool mom) in your life. $20; www.u-go-g.com. 6. Tile File Who knew dominoes could be this swanky? Each piece has sparkling green gems to coordinate with the moc croc case. $42; tossdesigns.com. 7. Mix Masters Bold-colored melamine mixing bowls make a luxe gift. Set of three, $40; loftparty.com. 8. Hold Everything Vinotagz are two gifts in one: napkin holders that double as wineglass charms. Set of six, $14; www.modern-twist.com.

  • Ted Morrison

    For the Nature or Sports Lover

    1. Hanging Around The name pretty much says it all: Christmas Tree In-a-Box is made entirely from paper. $15; barnesandnoble.com. 2. Tree's a Crowd A row of metal pine trees makes a clever photo holder -- or you could keep it on a desk to display cards or memos. $13.50; umbra.com. 3. Turf's Up The Sports Book gives all the rules, tactics, and techniques of every sport under the sun. Petanque, anyone? $35; us.dk.com. 4. One-Stop Clicker A universal remote that's seriously easy to use. It has his and hers buttons to customize favorite channels, and it controls up to 10 devices. $80; philips.com. 5. Have a Ball There are more than 60 printed baseballs to choose from, but we love the classic stadium ones for the sports buff. $20; unforgettaballs.com. 6. Check Mate Protect checks with an elegant linen checkbook cover. $18; nubiusorganics.com. 7. A Little Time For the sophisticated traveler in your life, buy a mini alarm clock trimmed in leather, which zips up to protect the face. Equipe, $38; redenvelope.com. 8. Ripe and Ready Sachets take on a fresh shape: strawberries made from fun fabric scraps. Set of six, $22.50; homegrownmarket.com.

  • Ted Morrison

    For Those on the Go

    1. Easy Burn The kit comes with 25 pretty labels and sleeves for making custom photo or music CDs. CD Packaging Kit, $16; chroniclebooks.com. 2. Pet Project Doesn't your pet deserve faux-chocolate doggie treats? All proceeds go to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. $12; stjude.org. 3. Great Gadget It's a flashlight, compass, digital thermometer, magnifier, and whistle all in one. $24; gaiam.com. 4. What a Puzzler Get any address made into a custom jigsaw puzzle of a map from the U.S. Geological Survey. $35; firebox.com. 5. Car Safety Anyone who drives a lot will appreciate the Collision Kit -- just in case of a fender bender. $15; getbuttonedup.com. 6. Just Charge It Chargepod lets you attach portable gaming devices, cell phones, MP3 players, and more. $50 with one adapter; callpod.com. 7. Great Reflection Charming makeup mirrors fit in a pocket or purse. $7.50; allymoon.com. 8. Boxed Up These boxer shorts are covered with drawings of classic baseball stadiums -- a go-to gift for Dad. UnderStatements, $22 each; joshbach.com.

  • Ted Morrison

    For the Organized Sweet Tooth

    1. Ribbon Board Organize all those invites, shopping lists, and snapshots in one bright place. Aloha board, $20; therareorchid.com. 2. Chalk Talk Leave a love note and a pretty blossom in this combo chalkboard/vase. $20; couronneco.com. 3. Cocktail Hour Floral and herb-infused cocktail mixers make a good hostess gift. Essences, $15 each; stirrings.com. 4. Festival of Bites Open one drawer each night of Hanukkah to reveal a chocolate treat and a family activity, then turn the drawer around to "light" the menorah. $15; starbucks.com. 5. Sweet Idea How awesome is this delicious little change holder? Hostess Cupcake coin purse, $14; fredflare.com. 6. Hello, Cookie There's a sweet red reindeer "nose" in each package of these delish gingerbread cookies. $25; dancingdeer.com. 7. Fly By A dove frame sticks to any metal surface; pull out the easel back to rest it on a desk. $6.50; fridgedoor.com.

    Copyright © 2007. Used with permission from the December 2007 issue of Parents magazine.