Handmade Holiday Stockings

Get crafty with the kids one weekend and make these fun and festive holiday stockings to hang above the fireplace.

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Alison Miksch

Striped Stocking

Little kids can easily embellish a plain white canvas stocking by gluing on strips of grosgrain ribbon and rickrack.

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Aimee Herring

Sock Stockings

Turn knee-high sports socks into personalized stockings for the family. To make, trace a large cardstock tag onto white or light-color felt and cut out. Next, draw each person's initial onto felt, cut out, and glue onto the tag. Attach a bow to the top of the felt tag and hot-glue in place on the stocking. For some sparkle, attach an adhesive-backed rhinestone to each letter.

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Courtesy of simplysilhouettes.blogspot.com

Silhouette Stockings

Add a felt cutout of each child's silhouette to the front of their stockings so Santa can divvy up toys and trinkets with ease.

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Jay Wilde

Sweet Stockings

These candy-swirl stockings will make your mantel look simply scrumptious. To make, cut out two identical stocking shapes from red or green felt. Sew or hot-glue the edges together, leaving the top open. Next, cut four circles from white felt, and 24 thick and 20 thin swirl-shape strips from light green and red felt. For each white circle, alternate six thick swirl strips and five thin swirl strips; secure with glue. Arrange felt candies on stocking, trim where necessary, and sew or hot-glue in place.

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Ann Stratton

Rickrack Stocking

All you need to craft this Santa-inspired stocking with your child is felt, rickrack, scissors, and glue! Simply cut out two identical stocking shapes from red felt and hot-glue the edges together, leaving the top open. Glue a wide band of white felt to the top and embellish by gluing on horizontal strips of thick white rickrack.

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Ann Stratton

Jeweled Stocking

Glam up your holiday decor with this easy-to-make shimmering stocking. Start by making a stocking out of red and white felt (see previous slide) and attach dazzling snowflake pins.

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Ann Stratton

Button Stocking

Have kids glue white snowflake buttons and classic red buttons to a simple stocking.

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Marty Baldwin

Personalized Stocking

Use iron-on letters and decals to add your child's name and holiday icons to a basic canvas stocking.

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Jason Donnelly

Yo-Yo Stocking

Turn fabric scraps into a cheery stocking featuring hand-sewn yo-yos. To make, create your own stocking template from cardstock or cardboard. Arrange bands of fabric on the stocking template until covered completely, then sew together the edges, leaving the top open. To make each yo-yo, cut a circle of fabric and stitch a ¼-inch hem. Insert the needle into hem and push all the way through so the fabric gathers at the center; knot to finish. Repeat to create more yo-yos, then have kids glue them in place on the stocking.

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Jason Donnelly

Fabric Stocking

Recycle an old bedsheet or blanket into a cool country stocking. Cut two identical stocking shapes from patterned fabric and sew or glue the edges together, leaving the top open. Glue on strips of 1-inch grosgrain ribbon so it looks ruffled, as shown, and hang using a loop of gingham ribbon.

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Jay Wilde

Shiny Stocking

Make your stockings shine by adding reflective polka dots. Start with a plain red stocking and 10 to 15 round mirrors that measure between ? inch and 2 inches. For each mirror, cut a felt circle that is ? inch bigger in diameter, then remove from the center a circle that is ? inch smaller in diameter than the mirror. Have kids stitch the edges of the felt rings with yarn for a decorative look, then mount on top of mirrors and glue in place on the stocking.

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Courtesy of Mayamade.blogspot.com

Coffee Sack Stocking

Kids can paint holly and berries on recycled coffee sacks to create festive stockings for the fireplace.

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Peter Krumhardt

Spiced Stocking

Have kids spice up a plain white stocking by attaching star anise with glue.

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Courtesy of howaboutorange.blogspot.com

Felt Stockings

These colorful, cozy stockings are made entirely from felt!

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Andy Lyons

Snowflake Stocking

Kids can bring a boring brown stocking to life by adding a beautiful felt snowflake and bright red trim. To make, trace a snowflake onto white felt, cut out, and glue onto stocking. Glue a length of red cord to the outside edge of the stocking and add a thick band of felt above the snowflake to complete the look.

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