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Homemade Advent Calendar

Francesco Lagnese

What you'll need

Bulletin board that's at least 22"x26", 48 small white paper cups ($3 for 20;, pushpins, 1 pkg. white tissue paper, pencil, scissors, number rubber stamps, ink pads, paper towel, glue stick, 24 assorted treats (such as candies and small toys), 4.5" star box lid ($2;, sponge brush, ribbon

Make it:

1. Lay out 24 cups face-up in tree shape. Pin center of each cup to board. Leave about 5? of space at top of board.

2. Cut tissue paper into 3?-wide strips for easier handling. Lightly trace the top of a cup 24 times on tissue paper.

3. Lay a paper towel under tissue-paper strips. Lightly stamp numbers 1 to 24 in the center of circles. Cut out circles.

4. Apply the glue stick to the rim of a loose cup. Place a treat on top of a face-down numbered circle, then press the glued edge of cup onto the circle; let dry. Repeat for all 24 loose cups.

5. Insert numbered cups in a random order into cups attached to the board.

6. Press sponge brush onto ink pad and dab ink onto star box lid. Let dry; hang on a pushpin above the tree.

7. Optional: Line edges of board with ribbon. Pin ends to back of the board.

Originally published in the December 2012 issue of Parents magazine.

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