Baby's First Holiday

It's a season you'll always remember. Make it relaxing -- and meaningful.

What to Keep in Mind

The holidays are a time to gather with friends and family. And this year, you have something truly worth celebrating: the arrival of your infant. But this life-changing event means more than just a baby to show off; it also means you'll have a different holiday season, one marked by a deeper sense of family, shifts in your relationships, and, yes, a higher stress level. Rather than pulling out all the stops, it's more important to slow down and savor the moments that will make this your most special holiday yet. We've put together a guide to doing just that.

Expect Stranger Anxiety
Having a baby is a family affair, and this may be your first opportunity to show off your little one. But remember: Meeting new people can be overwhelming. Stranger anxiety pops up around 8 months. To reduce the chances of a freak-out when your father-in-law tries to scoop up your child, give her some time to warm up to him. Ask relatives to offer your baby a toy and wait for her to slowly come to them.

Try your best to keep your baby healthy this time of year. Winter is the season for catching bugs, and group gatherings are the perfect place for them to make their move. If your baby is under 2 months and not yet immunized, Dr. McCarthy suggests keeping her away from crowds and being cautious about who holds her. In fact, her immune system is not fully developed until about 6 months. So while you can't live in a bubble during the holidays, you should ask those around you to wash their hands and keep away if they're sick

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