The Hepatitis A Vaccine: Health 101

What's the recommended hepatitis A schedule?

The hepatitis A vaccine schedule includes two shots given between 12 and 23 months with the second dose given at least six months after the first. (Until 2006, the vaccine was only routinely recommended for children living in states with the highest rates of infection, but now it is recommended for all children older than 12 months.)

The hepatitis A vaccine is safe to be given along with other vaccines.

Hepatitis A vaccine is also recommended for older children who didn't get the vaccine as infants, as well as adults who face an increased risk of contracting the virus because of high-risk jobs or behaviors or travel to high-risk regions (like Central or South America, Mexico, Asia, Africa, and Eastern Europe) or because they currently live in communities that have been deemed high-risk because of recent hepatitis A outbreaks.

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