Vaccine Facts

What are vaccines and why are they necessary for your child? Read important vaccine facts and information to learn why vaccinations are important.

Vaccination Facts

A growing group of parents believe that their kids don't need vaccinations. Could their choices be putting your child's health on the line?

Vaccine Schedule for Babies & Toddlers

Are your baby's shots on track? Check out this chart from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to make sure he's getting his vaccinations on time.

14 Common Vaccination Questions Answered

In the first two years of life, your baby will get shots to protect her against ten diseases. There's continuing controversy about these vaccines. Let us set your mind at ease!

The Vaccine Schedule

Should parents follow a strict vaccine schedule or is there room for flexibility?

Vaccines for Babies and Older Kids

Which vaccines do kids need and why are they necessary?

Vaccines 101: What Are Vaccinations?

Childhood vaccinations have curbed the spread of highly contagious, life-threatening diseases for centuries, yet questions about their safety and necessity persist. Here's what you need to know.

Parents Who Vaccinate Themselves Are More Likely to Get Shots for Their Kids

New research shows why moms and dads' general attitude on immunizations is so important.

Why Vaccinate for Diseases That Don't Exist?

AAP Issues New Flu Vaccine Guidelines, with One Big Change

Sorry kids, but it's ixnay on the nasal spray!

More Parents Are Refusing Vaccines for Their Kids Today Than 10 Years Ago

According to a new survey, vaccine refusals have increased since 2006.

American Cancer Society Agrees: Vaccinate Boys Against HPV Too

Cancer experts have joined the AAP and CDC in supporting the series of shots for both preteen girls and boys.

The Majority of Parents Don't Know About IPD and How Dangerous It Can Be

A new survey by Parents and Pfizer shows that parents and parents-to-be don't know enough about this infectious disease and how to prevent it.