Vaccinators vs. Non-Vaccinators: Deciding When (and If) to Immunize Your Child

Vaccinate on Schedule?

For Megan Everitt, the decision to vaccinate her 4-month-old son, Dylan, was based on a belief that vaccinating her son gives him the best chances at a strong beginning.

"I know that by vaccinating him, the same way my parents vaccinated me and their parents vaccinated them, I am taking the opportunity to help him be protected and to be able to lead a healthy life," said Everitt, who lives in Akron, Ohio.

Everitt has heard about the concerns between the link of mercury and autism and admits it does worry her but points out that she is a new mom and that many things worry her.

"[The possibility of a link] scares me, but I've come to realize that everyone will have a different opinion and there is no proof that one opinion is more right than the next," she said.

Everitt admits that she has never really considered not vaccinating an option.

"I've read the material that every company and organization puts out there," she said. "I've read the What to Expect books and all the other parenting books...and, in the end, when it came time to really, truly decide on vaccinating him, I didn't second-guess myself. I looked at the history of vaccinations and I looked at all of the people I knew who were vaccinated, and in looking at that and realizing that everyone I knew was vaccinated and turned out just fine, that was enough research for me."

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