Protecting Kids from Summer Sun Dangers

How much sun and sunscreen are best for baby.

The Highs and Lows of Sunshine

There's no question that sunshine makes people feel good. In areas of the country that suffer through harsh winters, the onset of warm, sunny days feels liberating. Children can go outside without wearing layers of clothing. They can run through the grass, swing in the park, and enjoy the beach and pool.

Sunshine also activates the body's production of vitamin D -- which is important for building strong bones and teeth. So your child even reaps medical benefits from getting the sun's rays. However -- as with any good thing -- too much can be a problem.

Though it's tempting to revel in the warm weather when the seasons change, be careful. When the first hot days arrive, expose your child for gradually increasing periods before letting her play outside for long amounts of time. The body needs time to adapt to heat.

Sunburn is the most obvious harmful result of catching too many rays, but the sun can also cause other problems. Here's how to make sure your child has a happy, healthy summer -- in or out of the sunshine.

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