Ugh, a Stomach Bug! 6 Common Tummy Trouble Mistakes

You're Too Quick to Reduce Her Fever

Wrong Move Your little one has a low-grade fever, so you give her something to bring it down.

Better Bet Weigh the pros and cons. An elevated temperature is a sign that your child's immune system is working to fight the infection, so why not let her body do the work on its own? If her temperature exceeds 101?F and she's feeling crummy, though, cooling her down might make her more receptive to drinking liquids. Stick with acetaminophen, since ibuprofen can further irritate the stomach. If your child is vomiting, Dr. Altmann suggests starting with half the recommended dose of acetaminophen for your child's age; give her the other half about an hour later (provided she keeps it down). If your child is old enough, you can also try acetaminophen tablets that easily dissolve in her mouth. If she can't keep the medicine down, another possible option (although not a favorite among kids) is using an acetaminophen suppository.

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