The Faces of Special Needs

These eight children, photographed for Parents magazine's April 2014 issue, represent just some of the conditions that so many families live with.

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Chris O'Shea

Meet Angelina

Angelina McFarlane, 3, has cerebral palsy as well as vision and hearing impairments. She receives physical, occupational, and speech therapy. "She's always willing to learn," says her mom, Judith Maysonet.

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Cerebral Palsy: Challenges and Triumphs

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Chris O'Shea

Meet Chloe and Daniel

Chloe and Daniel Molina, ages 3 and 5, have Autism and are nonverbal, but "we don't say 'I can't,'" says mother Lois. "We say 'doesn't yet.'"

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Children with Autism: The Parents Perspective

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Chris O'Shea

Meet Maksim

Seven-year-old Maksim Brock has been diagnosed with sensory processing disorder and ADHD. His best quality, says his mom, Jennifer, is "his love for everything around him." Though school has presented challenges for him in the past, this year he's in an inclusion class and doing very well.

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Life with ADHD and Sensory Processing Disorder

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Chris O'Shea

Meet Michael

Michael Rahner, 4, was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at 18 months and cannot walk. His best friend is his 5-year-old brother, Lucas: "Their relationship is one in a million," says their mom, Silvanna.

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Life with Cerebral Palsy

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Chris O'Shea

Meet Norma

Norma, nicknamed Xi'Xi, is 6. She was born in China with spina bifida and hydrocephalus, and at 18 months she was adopted by Cynthia and Patrick McLaughlin. After several surgeries and years of intensive therapy, she can walk on her own.

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Adopting a Child with Spina Bifida

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Chris O'Shea

Meet Rose

Rose Carney, 4, was born deaf, and at 9 months she received cochlear implants. She's very good at explaining what they are, says her dad, John. "She'll say, 'Some people use glasses to be able to see, and I use these to be able to hear.' That makes a lot of sense to little kids."

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Life with A Cochlear Implant

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Chris O'Shea

Meet Siobhan

Siobhan O'Shea, 7, has Down syndrome. As a result of heart complications, she's had 17 cardiac procedures. But in many ways she's just like any other kid. "It is an amazing thing for her to be able to figure out what she wants and make it happen," says her dad, John.

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Life With Down Syndrome

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