5 Signs Your Child's Tonsils Are Ready to Come Out

She Has Recurring Ear Infections

Even if your child's tonsils are perfectly healthy, she can still have issues with her adenoids, which sit right next to the opening of the ear, at the back of the nose. "If the adenoids are chronically infected—and some kids are just unlucky that way—they're basically a gathering place for bacteria, and will cause kids to continue to get ear infections," says John McClay, M.D., a pediatric ear, nose, and throat specialist at the Children's Medical Center of Dallas.

In fact, if your child is getting ear infections so frequently that you're considering having ear tubes placed, your doctor may suggest an adenoidectomy in addition to the tubes. "If your child has already had one set of tubes and your doctor thinks she needs a second set, that's also a sign that her adenoids may be the culprit," Dr. McClay explains. A peek in your child's nose with a flexible fiber-optic scope can tell the doctor whether the adenoids are enlarged and infected.

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