Childhood Obesity

Child obesity in America is an ongoing concern. Learn how to prevent childhood obesity by encouraging healthy eating and exercise and what to do if your child is already overweight.

The One Topic That Should Be Off Limits With Your Kids

Recent studies show that talking about weight can cause long-term harm.

Slim Down Your Overweight Child

Help your child trim off those excess pounds.

All About Childhood Obesity

Learn what causes childhood obesity and how it's treated.

How to Help Kids Maintain a Healthy Weight

In the past decade, Latino kids have surpassed their peers to become the heaviest group of children in America. But it doesn't have to be that way.

Fighting Childhood Obesity

American children are getting heavier. The good news: There's a lot you can do to keep the problem at bay.

Raise a Healthy Kid in a Supersize World

Prevent your child from facing lifelong weight worries -- and serious health problems -- by giving him the tools he needs to enjoy eating well and exercising.

Childhood Obesity: Beyond Baby Fat

Today, nearly 10 percent of kids ages 2 to 5 are obese, and the numbers are growing along with waistlines. Here's what you can do now to prevent weight problems later.

The Impact of Eating Out on Your Child

Know the healthiest ways to dine out--or order in.

How Can I Help My Overweight Child?

Parenting Expert Jan Faull, MEd, advises parents on how to help their young children lose weight and maintain a healthy weight.

Weight in Kindergarten Predicts Obesity Later in Life

What to look for in your child now to avoid obesity later.

Kids' Food Portions Mirror Their Parents' Portions

This is how to figure out the appropriate serving sizes for your little one.

All Kids Should Be Screened for Obesity, According to Aggressive New Recommendation

It seems the childhood obesity crisis in this country really is that bad.

The Big Issue of Obesity

Childhood obesity is quickly becoming an epidemic. Could your kid become one of the statistics? The risk may be greater than you think.

How to Eat Healthy: Raising Nutrition-Smart Kids

Healthy eating is the foundation of a healthy life. Here is how you can raise nutrition-smart kids.

Kids and Chronic Health Concerns

From obesity to asthma, chronic health problems are growing amongst children.

Fat Kids: What's Really to Blame?

A new study shows that children's exposure to food ads and marketing while watching TV -- and not inactivity as a result of watching TV -- may be to blame for a growing number of plumped-up kids.

Calculating Your Child's BMI

Use this important, quick screening index to identify if your child is underweight, overweight, or obese.

Active Moms Raise Active Kids

No surprise there -- but do you know the best ways to lead by example?

Study: Distracted Dining as Harmful as Distracted Driving

A new study says distractions during dinner could derail the benefits of family mealtime.