Helping a Child With ADHD Succeed in School

Reduce the Amount of Required Homework

Homework is often the number one battle between a child with ADHD and her parents. Parents usually feel strongly that assignments be completed, but a child with ADHD can't always be expected to perform the same as her peers do, especially not in the same time constraints, usually because she is easily distracted and may have a slow processing speed. A general rule of thumb is that children do 10 minutes of homework for each grade level. If your child is in second grade, he should spend about 20 minutes on homework; in fifth grade, she should spend 50 minutes on homework. Talk with the teacher if your child continually struggles to complete homework. Suggest reduced assignments or ask for modified assignments that are better aligned with your child's strengths, like creating a shadow box project or giving an oral presentation in lieu of a written book report.

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