Attitudes About Children's Mental Health

How do parents really feel about children's mental health issues? Find out the surprising answers.
Child Mind Institute

In the wake of the tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut, parents, experts, and government leaders are all thinking about how we can keep children safe and healthy. "Stigma, lack of awareness, and fear around mental health care prevent many parents from getting kids the support they need," says Parents advisor Harold Koplewicz, M.D., president of the Child Mind Institute. To get a better understanding of parents' attitudes and misconceptions about children's mental health, we conducted an online survey of more than 1,600 parents. Here are the key findings of the Parents and Child Mind Institute survey.

66% of parents said... Since the tragedy in Newtown, parents are more likely to seek help if their child's behavior worries them.

55% of parents said... They think psychiatric disorders in children are underdiagnosed.

61% of parents said... Parents of children with mental health problems should not be allowed to have a gun in their home.

60% of parents said... They are concerned that kids who have a mental illness such as Asperger's Syndrome or depression are more likely to hurt themselves or others.

61% of parents said... It is often difficult for parents to know whether or not their child's behavior is abnormal.

76% of parents said... They would know where to turn for help if their child was exhibiting signs of a mental illness.

49% of parents said... They think parents are to blame for children who exhibit disruptive behavior.

35% of parents said... They would be more willing to tell their friends and family if their child had lice than if their child had a mental health condition.

Published in May 2012.

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