The Truth About Vitamin D

Where the D Is

A growing number of foods, especially grains and dairy products, are D-fortified these days. Still, it can be tough to get the 400 IU a day that experts say we all need. The main D sources:

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Source Serving Size D Content (IU)
Salmon, cooked 3.5 oz. 360
Sardines, canned 1.75 oz. 250
Shiitake mushrooms 4 mushrooms 249
Tuna, canned in oil 3 oz. 200
D-fortified cheese About 3 oz. 180
Fortified milk 8 oz. 100
Fortified soy milk 8 oz. 100
Fortified orange juice 8 oz. 100
Lactaid, 1% 8 oz. 100

Originally published in the December 2010 issue of Parents magazine.

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