Techniques for Administering Medicine

Administering Methods

There are several different ways to get the medicine down the hatch. Deciding which one can depend on your baby's age, his feeding style, and the medicine itself. Here are your options:

  • A calibrated syringe: This method gives you the most control. Insert the syringe between baby's gum and cheek, which will make it harder for her to spit the liquid out.
  • Your baby's bottle: Detach the nipple with its collar from baby's bottle and let her suck on it; then use a syringe to squirt medicine into the nipple. As baby sucks, she'll swallow the liquid.
  • Medicine dropper: When using a medicine dropper, it will help to have the baby sitting up with his head tilted back so the medicine can go straight down the hatch. Use an infant seat for kids younger than 9 months, or sit an older baby in his stroller or high chair.
  • Spoon: For kids who are 1 year or older, try a hollow-handled medicine spoon. Hold the spoon up to fill it, then tilt it down and let your child drink the medicine off the spoon's end.

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