Over-the-Counter Medication Guide

Safe-Medication Checklist

  • Before opening a new medication, always check for signs of tampering, such as package tears or imperfections.
  • Never cut an adult dose in half or increase the recommended dosage, even if your child seems sicker than the last time he had the ailment. Guessing the right strength is very dangerous.
  • Avoid making conversions. If the label calls for two teaspoons and you have a dosing cup labeled only with ounces, don't use it -- stick with the measuring device that's described.
  • Consult a doctor or a pharmacist before giving children two or more OTC medications at a time, and make sure your doctor knows all the medications your child is taking.
  • Be sure you're not giving your child two medications with the same ingredient, such as Tylenol and a cold medicine containing acetaminophen. Your child could be getting an overdose.


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