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Best Ways to Make the Meds Go Down

  • If your child can't stand the taste of the medicine, talk to the pharmacist -- she may be able to add flavoring so it's more appealing, says Karen Reed, a staff pharmacist at Kmart in Beckley, West Virginia.
  • Use a reward system. Tell your child she can have a sticker after she takes her medicine, or that she can call Grandma to tell her what a big girl she is.
  • If your child is school-age, give him some responsibility. If the medicine needs to be shaken first, for instance, ask him to remind you to do it. "Every child likes to have a chance to boss his parents around," says Reed.
  • Ask your pharmacist whether it's possible to adjust the dose so there's less medicine for your child to swallow. She may be able to double the ingredient so that you'll have to give your child only a half teaspoon instead of a teaspoon of the medication.

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