Environmental Dangers: What You Should Know

What can you do about pesticides?

A. When you think of pesticides you probably think of the chemicals sprayed on produce, but what you spray around your home may be even more harmful. Pesticides are dangerous because they can hinder brain development and may increase the risk of childhood cancer. Instead of spraying to control roaches, try closing up cracks and crevices. Make sure there's no food residue under your sinks or counters. When you hire an exterminator, look for an Integrated Pest Management company -- it can help you get rid of bugs without using too many chemicals. If you have to use chemicals, look for gels and baits, which are a lot less toxic than sprays. Also, avoid spraying pesticides on your lawn. I know people like perfectly green lawns, but it's much safer to let a few dandelions come in.

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