6 Germ Hot-Spots -- and How to Deal With Them

Your House

You're A Germaphobe If Your daughter comes down with a stomach virus and your strategy is to send the sibs to Grandma's, leave the sick child's meals by the door, and read Goodnight Moon to her via speakerphone from another room.

The Dirt When one family member gets sick, the rest of you don't have to go down. With due diligence, you can still give your child some TLC (in person) and prevent everyone else from getting infected.

Stay-Healthy Strategy Disinfecting frequently touched surfaces with wipes and using alcohol-based hand sanitizers can significantly reduce the spread of gastroenteritis at home and at school, according to a study by researchers at Children's Hospital Boston. To avoid transmitting viruses to other family members, take this advice from Dr. Rotbart: "Stash a bottle by the door of your sick child's room to use when leaving. Disinfect any frequently touched surfaces or objects, such as crib rails, dresser-drawer handles, hard plastic toys, doorknobs, and light switches. As a temporary measure, use paper towels in the bathroom and kitchen instead of hand towels. And don't allow your children to share drinking glasses, water bottles, or toothbrushes."

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