6 Germ Hot-Spots -- and How to Deal With Them

Community Pool

You're A Germaphobe If The mercury soars and you'd rather hose your children down in the backyard than deal with the skeevy public swimming pool and showers. Who knows what nastiness is seeping out of those soggy swim diapers?

The Dirt You share the water -- and the germs in it -- with every person who enters the pool. A single incidence of diarrhea could contaminate water throughout a large pool system or water park, says the CDC.

Stay-Healthy Strategy Your brood can still take the plunge. For the most part, continuous filtration and disinfection of water reduces the risk of spreading illness at public swimming facilities. Still, chlorine doesn't kill all germs and takes its sweet time in killing certain ones. That's why it's important to discourage kids from swallowing pool water or squirting it from their mouth. You should also avoid the pool if your children have diarrhea (this is especially true for kids wearing swim diapers). Make a point of taking frequent potty breaks -- waiting to hear "I have to go!" may mean it's too late. Who wants to be on the receiving end of the other moms' evil glares while they wait for the lifeguards to clean the pool?

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