Benefits of Having a Fever

When to Seek Help

There are times when a fever, sometimes in combination with other symptoms, should send you hightailing it to a doctor or emergency room. These include:

  • A rectal temperature of 100.4 degrees or greater in an infant less than 6 weeks old. "Young babies are at more risk for certain serious bacterial infections, and fever is an indication of these," says pediatrician Ari Brown.
  • A fever of more than five days duration.
  • High fever accompanied by lethargy -- your child is limp and unresponsive, won't make eye contact, or generally just looks and acts really sick.
  • High fever accompanied by any of the symptoms of meningitis: an unusual skin rash, severe headache, aversion to light, confusion, stiff or painful neck.
  • Constant, inconsolable crying.

Originally published in Better Homes and Gardens magazine.

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