How to Raise a Child With Down Syndrome: Advice and Resources

Organize Relevant Information

A child with Down syndrome is just like any other child, needing doctors' appointments, back-to-school clothes, and rides to birthday parties. Children with Down syndrome, though, have regular visits to medical specialists as well, and their parents meet regularly not only with classroom teachers (or case managers for younger children) but also with therapists, special educators, and other professionals. Developing a system to keep relevant information on hand provides a historical perspective for you and for the doctors and teachers involved, and enables others to care for your child in your absence.

Start keeping track of your child's chronic health, treatments, and education records. Both the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and the Seattle Children's Hospital offer guides to assembling Care Notebooks, 3-ring binders that include medical and educational information about your child. Their websites offer sample pages for these notebooks and a system to keep track of everything through the years.


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