How to Raise a Child With Down Syndrome: Advice and Resources

Get in Touch With Other Parents

One of the advantages of a Down syndrome diagnosis, in contrast to rare or undiagnosed conditions and syndromes, is that it is easy to connect with other parents who are raising kids with Down syndrome. Two major national organizations -- the National Down Syndrome Society ( and the National Down Syndrome Congress ( -- provide support to parents through information and conferences. Inspirational stories are also available in the online book My Great Story ( The NDSS advocates on behalf of people with Down syndrome in Congress in order to secure funding for research and social programs that will provide support in school, at home, and in the workplace.

Many local communities have support groups for families. You can find a local group through the affiliates page on the NDSS website or by contacting a social worker in your area. In general, the Internet offers support to parents of children with Down syndrome and with other disabilities. Search "Down syndrome" on Facebook to find groups and connect with others or search for reputable blogs and websites to read personal stories and get advice.


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