2007's Best Children's Hospitals By Specialty

Orthopedic Care

1. The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia: The hospital's unique Musculoskeletal Center brings together orthopedic doctors with those from 10 other pediatric specialties to treat limb deformities, spina bifida, scoliosis, and more.

2. Children's Hospital Boston: Its orthopedic specialists are leading a study to develop a standard for all hospitals performing surgery on patients whose brachial plexus -- the set of nerves that go from the neck to the fingers -- were damaged during delivery.

3. The Children's Hospital, Denver: It boasts a very active sports medicine clinic, which provides injury prevention programs and on-field medical coverage.

4. Children's Healthcare of Atlanta: The facility has the most experience of any pediatric hospital in the country in performing two procedures to prevent arthritis in hemophilia patients whose excessive bleeding is beginning to damage their joints.

5. Rady Children's Hospital-San Diego: The hospital is conducting 46 orthopedic studies, including those on preventing fractures, and developing a new form of scoliosis surgery.

Runners-Up: 6. Columbus Children's Hospital; 7. Children's Hospital of Wisconsin; 8. St. Louis Children's Hospital; 9. Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center; and 10. Texas Children's Hospital, Houston

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