Health 101: Rotavirus & Stomach Flu

When/What to Start Eating After Stomach Flu

While your kid's having trouble keeping food down, stick to rehydrating fluids. Avoid food for a couple of hours after your child throws up, then slowly work in bland foods like toast or rice.

Once these fluids and foods stay down, most doctors recommend that children resume eating everyday foods like chicken, veggies, and rice right away. "A drastic change to your child's regular diet can actually trigger more diarrhea and make him feel worse," says Dr. Steffen. And doctors now believe the old stomach flu standby -- the BRAT (bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast) diet -- is too low in protein, fat, and other key nutrients. Try to avoid sugary or overly fatty foods and drinks, which are harder to digest and may upset your kid's tummy further.

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