The Flu Shot & Kids

The Life of a Flu Virus

Day 1
An unvaccinated 4-year-old gets sneezed on at preschool.

Day 4
He has a fever of 103 F., is too exhausted to play, and complains that his head hurts. Assuming there's not much she can do if he has the flu, his mom makes him comfy on the couch and gives him lots of liquids and chicken soup.

Day 5
The fever is down to 100 F., but he's coughing up greenish-yellow phlegm, his body aches, and he has loose stools.

Day 8
His cough is better, but he's very congested and isn't eating or drinking much.

Day 9
His mom takes him to an urgent-care facility, where he tests positive for influenza and is given IV fluids for dehydration and antibiotics for an ear infection brought on by the flu.

Day 12
He's finally feeling well enough to play with his big sister, but he gets tired easily. Next year he's definitely getting the flu vaccine.

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