7 Surprising Facts About Asthma

Medication Mistakes Even Smart Parents Make

The Mistake: Relying regularly on quick-acting rescue medication to treat your child's asthma

The Solution: If your child needs to use his bronchodilator more than twice a week, he probably needs a different preventative (controller) medication to relieve the inflammation in his airways.

The Mistake: Expecting that your young child can properly breathe in the medicine with an inhaler alone

The Solution: Your child may not be getting enough of the medicine into his airways with each dose. Use a spacer, or a spacer with a mask that has a tight seal against the face, to help him get an adequate dose.

The Mistake: Reducing or even stopping your child's controller medicine because her asthmas has improved

The Solution: To keep your child healthy, stick with the prescribed protocol. If you suspect he could do as well with less medication, talk to your doctor before tinkering with the dosage or frequency.

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