Attention for ADHD: 9 Key Facts

Could Your Child Have ADHD?

Every child displays some of the following behaviors some of the time--but for kids with ADHD, the extent of these behaviors makes it difficult for them to function. Ask yourself:

  • Does your child have trouble listening when you ask her to do something?
  • Is he more easily excitable or fidgety than other kids?
  • Is your home life filled with conflicts over mealtime, bedtime, and brushing teeth?
  • Has your child's teacher raised concerns about his behavior?
  • Is she easily distracted? Particularly forgetful?
  • Does he blame others for his shortcomings?
  • Does she have trouble getting along with friends?

If you answer yes to many of these questions, talk to your doctor. He may refer you to a mental-health professional specializing in ADHD, who can begin the diagnostic process. Once a child is diagnosed, it's time to meet with his teacher (or guidance counselor, or principal) to find out which accommodations he might qualify for, free of charge.

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