Conception After the Pill

Dr. Elizabeth Pryor answers the question, Could long-term use of the pill affect my future fertility?


I've been on the pill for five years and I want to get pregnant. Will the fact that I've been on the pill make getting pregnant more difficult? Could there be any effects on my baby from my having taken the pill for so long?


Having been on the pill for five years shouldn't have a detrimental effect on your ability to get pregnant. However, it may affect how quickly you'll be able to get pregnant. Occasionally, women will experience a period of anovulation when they don't ovulate. This is a temporary situation until the hormones get back in sync. This could last a few months, but is unlikely to be a problem.

Also, having been on the pill won't have any negative effects on the baby whatsoever, so rest assured. Remember that it's important to be in the best health possible when you are considering pregnancy. Beginning before pregnancy, take a daily multivitamin that contains folic acid to maximize your chance of having a healthy baby and minimize the risk of birth defects.

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