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Timing it Right

Q: Is there an ideal time of day to have sex to conceive?

A: Sure is. It's in the morning. Or, specifically, after your man gets a good night's rest, says Dr. Goist. When he's sleeping, his body regenerates the sperm lost during the day. Although the average sperm cell has a pretty short shelf life--only seven days--even stalwart swimmers can hit their expiration date early if they get too warm from exercise like bike riding, Dr. Goist says.

Q: Should we "save" his sperm for when I'm ovulating?

A: No! If your man has been stepping up on cold showers to store his swimmers until your ovulation test turns positive, it's time to turn the heat back up. As long as your partner has a normal sperm count, you'll have the best shot of conceiving if you have sex once a day, according to Optimizing natural fertility. Abstaining can increase sperm count (a good thing in that more boys start the trip), but it can also decrease sperm motility (a bad thing if you don't want them to just chase their tails). Moreover, abstinence intervals greater than five days can diminish sperm counts. Don't forget: Most (but certainly not all!) pregnancies occur during the two days before ovulation, according to a study published in the journal Human Reproduction.

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