Lack of a Period

I haven't gotten my period for more than a year.


I took the Depo-Provera shot one time and it was only supposed to last three months. I haven't been getting my period for more than a year. I want to get pregnant; is there a prescription pill that can help start my periods and get them on track?


I would recommend an evaluation by your doctor. If everything checks out, there is a pill known as Provera (and there are other brand names on the market that work as well) that can be given, and usually your period will start within three weeks.

It is unusual for the shot to make your period stop for this length of time; therefore you should visit your doctor to get back on track.

The biggest problem with not having regular periods and getting pregnant is not knowing how far along you are. In these situations, we perform an ultrasound to give the patient a due date. Once you conceive, not having had regular periods will not affect your pregnancy.

There are other health problems that could cause the lack of a period, including thyroid disease, so this may be something your doctor will consider during your evaluation.

There was a woman in our practice once who hadn't had a period for a long time after Depo. We did an ultrasound and indeed, she was pregnant. So a full evaluation is always recommended.

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