Chlamydia and Conception

Dr. Elizabeth Pryor answers the question, Can chlamydia have a negative effect on fertility?


I was diagnosed with chlamydia several years back, and treated immediately. Is there a chance that my ability to conceive will be affected?


Yes, but luckily the probability is low. If you were treated soon after being infected, there is less chance that you'll have a problem getting pregnant. Chlamydia patients who don't receive treatment in a timely fashion may develop pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), wherein the infection travels up into the uterus and out into the fallopian tubes. This is much more likely to affect conception than the original localized infection was, because it can cause a blockage that prevents sperm and egg from meeting. Approximately 11 percent of chlamydia patients who were delayed in receiving treatment will have problems with their fallopian tubes, and subsequent difficulty in getting pregnant.

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