How Infertility Made Me a Better Mom

After years of struggling to start a family, one woman recounts how that experience prepared her for parenthood.

The Waiting Game

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Struggling through five long painful years of infertility isn't something that most people would look back upon and actually be thankful for. Then again, I'm not like most people. I don't know what it's like to have an unplanned pregnancy or to get pregnant when trying to conceive for a short time. No, I've always taken the long road. I've always taken a little longer to accomplish things, and pregnancy was no different.

I was ready to start having children about two years before my husband was ready. Then when we were both on the same page and ready to start trying for a baby, we never imagined what would happen. Month after month went by and we couldn't conceive. Before I knew it, two years of trying went by. Then I went to the doctor to see if there was something wrong.

Doctor Visits Begin

The first gynecologist did a series of tests to rule out all kinds of possible reasons for the infertility. Some tests were painful, while others were embarrassing. They found nothing wrong so I went home and kept on trying each month. After another year went by I went to another doctor and went through some tests only to once again be told that everything seemed normal and healthy.

The next logical step was to make sure everything was up to snuff with my husband. Again nothing was found to be abnormal. So we started watching the calendar, using ovulation kits, reading, crying, and thinking. We looked into going to an infertility specialist but found that the cost of the procedures were way out of our budget.

Perhaps the most important thing that happened through those five years of struggling with infertility is how my husband and I grew. We grew as a couple and as individuals and like the saying goes, what didn't kill us made us stronger.

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