Health 101: Stress and Fertility

I have a pretty stressful job. Will I have trouble getting pregnant?

Most of the studies on stress and fertility have looked at women already experiencing fertility problems (like those seeking IVF treatment), not your average Jane and Joe, so no one really knows this answer for sure.

But everyone experiences stress -- it's a part of life -- and it's unlikely that a couple of rough days a week at the office will have a major impact on your pregnancy timetable, says Dr. Domar, especially if you can shake it off at the end of the day and don't feel like you're worried or anxious all the time, or are not experiencing other symptoms like trouble sleeping, eating more or less than usual, or losing interest in things you normally love to do. Your body adjusts well to everyday stresses over time, but it's the sudden big ones -- like the death of a family member, losing a job, or moving to a new city -- that can suddenly throw your menstrual cycle out of whack.

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